June 1, 2015
by christine

I’m back guys!! Did ya miss me? :) After a nice, relaxing winter I have returned in full force to the wonderful world of weddings!! And this year, I have promised to do more blogging! I swear!…it’s gonna happen. I think my brides and grooms deserve to be highlighted on the blog, so by-gosh – I’m going to do it! And here we go…

Kim & Rob ~ May 23rd ~ Eagles Nest Golf Course, Maple ON

I first met Kim about a year before their wedding, May 2014, and from the beginning I knew this would be an organized affair! She came to meet me at the Starbucks with a binder of information (which I LOVE to see, btw) and when she told me she was an elementary school teacher I was like ‘ahhhh…this is starting to make sense!’. Kim had a lot of the details already planned out about a year in advance, but with her DIY projects and silk centerpieces, she knew she would have a lot of moving pieces on the big day and wanted to make sure everything was laid out correctly and looking gorgeous!

Fast forward to May 23rd 2015! The big day has finally arrived and I pull up to the golf course looking forward to a fun day. Check out this building!! Beautiful! With lake views from all the windows in the Great Hall, I don’t know who wouldn’t want to say their I Do’s at this place!


I had my team of interns with me that day because we had a lot of set up to do. Thanks to Ashley, Breanna and my awesome side-kick Deb (my mama!), we were able to get everything done. The ceremony was taking place outdoors in the terrace garden area, which was beautiful! It has an awesome stone staircase that comes down along the side of it, so Kim was able to make a grand entrance with all eyes on her :)


Inside the hall, was a scurry of activity! Everything was meticulously planned, down to the exact detail (a girl after my own heart!). We placed name cards at each table setting, as well as shot glasses for each of the guest to take home. Kim’s mother had created the beautiful silk floral arrangements for each table, which one lucky guest was able to take home at the end of the night! Menus and Kissing Game rule cards were placed at each table.

IMG_20150523_181500 IMG_20150523_181807IMG_20150523_181743

But my FAVOURITE detail of the night was the kids activity booklets Kim put together for their family and friends’ little ones. The youngin’s received an activity colouring book with a small pack of crayons, while the pre-teen crowd received a disposable camera with an Eye-Spy game that they were to play throughout the night! Such a clever way to keep the young kids busy and interested in the evening!!


Kim and Rob’s banquet hall was gorgeously decorated with light pink and silver accents. It was classy and elegant while not overpowering the room, which was already beautiful before we even began to set up! Their guest tables were covered in a blush pink linen with silver charger plates, while their head table was highlighted with a silver rosette linen (Babylon Decor) accessorized with her bridal party’s pink bouquets (Florals provided by Chez Joy Florist). The cupcake tower and cake topper (done by Sugar Tiers) was stunning as it showed all the colours brought together so nicely.


IMG_20150523_181630IMG_20150523_181602 IMG_20150523_181554

Some of the many small details Kim and Rob included were the Card Box, Guest book, Instagram posters, photo of the couple, seating chart and candy bar that was available towards the end of the night. It’s the small details like these that bring a wedding theme together and really makes it feel grand.

IMG_20150523_182420 20150523_204544 20150523_190527

I had such a great time getting to know Kim and Rob and their families! They are such lovely people and it showed so much throughout the day. There were several touching moments throughout their big day, but I was able to catch a few candid ones! The happy couple after the ceremony, the bridal party lined up and being qued to make their grand entrances into the ballroom (they were hooting and hollering and generally having a great time), the first dance between Kim and Rob, as well as the Chinese Tea Ceremony that they shared with their guests after dinner. The picture below shows Kim and Rob handing the tea over to Kim’s parents. They ended their program off with a choreographed group dance done by their bridal party (check out my Facebook page feed to see that video!) which is just pure AWESOMENESS. I wish these two lovebirds all the best and hope they have an amazing honeymoon and future adventures together!

20150523_190229 20150523_190245 20150523_190603 IMG_20150523_214911


Until next time!

Christine & the Top Drawer Team




June 18, 2014
by christine

8 Things to Remember When Planning Your Outdoor Wedding!

So, it’s getting down to the wire and your summer wedding is quickly approaching! Exciting!! But…Do you have everything you need to beat the heat (or the rain!) and keep your guests smiling? I’ve compiled a list of 8 areas that every summer bride and groom should think about before they walk down that aisle.

1)    Timing is everything

If you decide to hold your outdoor ceremony at 1pm in the afternoon, your guests are going to be fried to a crisp by the time cocktail hour is upon them! It’s best to hold off the ceremony until later in the afternoon so that the sun isn’t as strong and there is less time spent in the direct sunlight between the ceremony and the reception.


2)    It’s nice to have relief!

Outdoor summer weddings are beautiful! However, along with the beauty of the great outdoors, comes the harsh elements that can make a fun and festive evening hard to bear. Having a relief station at your ceremony and reception is a great idea to provide the guests the essentials they’ll need. Include items such as bug spray, sunscreen, flip-flops, cold towels (for those really hot days!), bottles of water and hand sanitizer.


3)    The icing takes the cake!

Keep in mind your average outdoor temperature and remember that butter cream icing doesn’t hold up for long durations as well as fondant will. If your wedding cake will be out on display for a couple hours in the sweltering sun, it’s best to advise your bakery of this so they can design your beautiful cake with that in mind. Another great idea might be to place the cake in a shaded area, such as a tent or under the shade of a tree, to help with any melting.


4)    Dress for success

Sometimes the outfits we gravitate towards for the bridesmaids or groomsmen are not the most practical based on the time of the year. Try to keep the weather in mind when planning your bridesmaid’s gowns and perhaps opt for a lighter, breathable fabric that won’t cling or bunch when they get hot. A shorter length might also be a good idea; depending on the style you are going for.


The same can be said for the men! Sometimes a traditional black tux or suit for a summer wedding isn’t the greatest idea! Black attracts the sun and the traditional suit materials can be very heavy. There are lots of other options for the groomsmen when selecting their outfits. Perhaps go with a more casual outfit altogether that doesn’t include a suit jacket (you are getting married outside, after all!). Another option would be to go for a linen suit which is much more breathable in the hot summer months.


5)    Take shelter

Brides often forget about shelter from the sun as opposed to shelter from the rain. Everyone wants to avoid rain on their big day, so if the sun is out with not a cloud in the sky everyone is happy! However, neglecting to offer your guests shelter from the hot rays during the time between the ceremony and reception or (even better) during the entire reception, your guests may wilt away by the time you’re ready to hit the dance floor. A great solution to this would be to rent a large tent for your reception to be held under. This type of shelter allows your guests to roam in and out of the sun as they please. If renting a tent isn’t feasible or in the budget, another option could be to use smaller patio umbrellas scattered throughout the grounds for guests to duck under as they wish.


6)    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Often times the bride and groom are more preoccupied with the bar package, that they neglect the importance of having proper hydration at the ceremony and reception. While having a glass of bubbly is definitely important, it is also important to keep the guests happy in the sun. Some nice ideas for this would be to offer lemonade, iced tea or punch to the guests when they first arrive. Personalized water bottles are also a nice touch and act as a souvenir for the guests. During the reception you could offer iced water, flavoured with fruit or have watermelon slices by the bar.


7)    Baby it’s cold outside

Let’s not forget that we live in Ontario and sometimes our nice warm days can turn into some chilly evenings! Guests may not have thought about the temperature change, so it’s nice to think of solutions for them so that they don’t have to worry. Everyone has seen the basket of flip-flops offered to those who need better dancing shoes, right? Well why not put out a basket of pashmina’s for the ladies to use if it gets cold? Another option may be to rent portable patio heaters for your outdoor event. These can be quite nice when the weather takes a dip.


8)    Plan B

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is making sure you have a Plan B! Everyone wants to think that their gorgeous outdoor summer wedding won’t have any weather issues – after all, it’s August right? Wrong. Please remember that wet guests are unhappy guests and you definitely need to have a solid back up plan if the weather forecast is calling for rain on your special day.  Whether it is a rented tent, farmhouse, or different venue altogether, you will be happy you made the additional arrangements.

40x60 Ceremony Tent Custom Decorating

Thanks for reading everyone! If you have any questions about how to rent or create any of these ideas shared above, please feel free to contact me – I’d be happy to discuss :)

Until next time…happy planning!

~ C.

May 28, 2014
by christine

25% OFF All Wedding Packages for 2014 Dates!

Still looking for a wedding planner to help you execute your special day?

Top Drawer Weddings & Events has a SPECIAL PROMOTION on right now for 25% OFF any of our Wedding Planning Packages for all 2014 wedding dates!

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Happy planning :)

~ C.


February 27, 2014
by christine

Elizabeth & Michael – April 2014 Sneak Peek!

Top Drawer Weddings & Events has exciting things brewing for April!

Elizabeth and Michael are tying the knot in Vaughan this Easter weekend and we are helping them plan their special day!

With the ceremony and reception being held at the beautiful Chateau Le Jardin and photography taking place in Kleinberg, their wedding is sure to be a spectacular event.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of their theme and décor selections


Cream, Gold and Black with hints of Peach – how romantic!

There’s lots more crafting and planning to do though, so stay tuned to see how this amazing couple’s wedding looks!

~ C.

February 20, 2014
by christine

Wedding Insurance – To Buy or Not To Buy…

What is it?

First of all, there may be some of you out there who didn’t know this existed! I have to admit, that I skimmed over the idea for my own wedding thinking ‘I don’t need that!’. On the surface it seems like such a fantastic idea; to insure your big day so that nothing can go wrong. Or is it such a good idea? I figured I would look into it to see just what exactly it entails.

So what does wedding insurance do? It protects your wedding investment for incidents beyond your control. It reimburses you the expenses incurred while going through the planning process, as well as main elements on the big day.

What types of things does it cover, you ask? Things like your photographer not showing up and you need to book another one on the day of your wedding at a ridiculous rate. Or your wedding dress getting lost in airport baggage claims en route to your destination wedding. It also covers your butt if your reception hall goes out of business a month before your big day and you lose your deposit and also need to deal with the expense of finding a new venue.

These things are all possibilities of things that could go wrong leading up to your wedding and this type of insurance can help protect you and also help get some of your money back.

How do you get it?

It’s as simple as calling up your current insurance provider (home or auto) and asking if they provide wedding insurance.  If you find that your current insurance provider doesn’t have an event/wedding coverage plan, then you can check out these sites to get free online quotes:




Do you really need it?

You know what they say…Anything can happen and disasters strike at any time! Remember that crazy ice storm that we were rocked with in December? I bet there were some folks getting married over that weekend who wished they had purchased wedding insurance! Weather issues are definitely something that is covered in most typical wedding insurance plans.

However, before you take the plunge and purchase wedding insurance, it is important to check with each of your vendors involved with the wedding to see how much coverage they have.  It isn’t helpful to overlap insurance coverage so ask your vendors for a copy of their coverage so you can look it over and see where there are holes that need coverage.

You may also be requested by your venue to obtain this insurance on your own as a mandatory step. Chances are, if it’s an established wedding venue they will already carry their own insurance. However, if you are renting a space that is not primarily used for weddings or parties and plan to bring in your own caterer, alcohol and rental supplies then often times the venue will require you to provide proof of this insurance.

How much is it?

Packages and coverage range from $150-$500 for a basic coverage plan.

I did an online quote using www.easyinsure.ca and based the specifications of the wedding on my personal wedding and was provided a quote of $199.80.  I did another quote with Wedensure.com basing the specs off of the same wedding and for $50,000 coverage, it would cost us $1512. It is definitely best to do your research before taking the plunge!

What are the limitations?

Always be sure to get all the details from your insurance provider so that you know what and how you are covered. The sooner you purchase the insurance in your wedding planning process, the better. However, some insurance companies have limitations on how in advance you can purchase the plan.

There are usually specified maximum amounts for each category that will be paid out, so you may not get the full amount back that you lost, but you will definitely get reimbursed for a portion. It is important to double-check this with the insurance company.

Gifts – while it is nice to think that you have coverage for your gifts in case of a wedding robbery, remember that the coverage is usually for non-monetary gifts only. Any cash you lose in the case of a wedding robbery or other incident will not be reimbursed.

Core coverage and liability insurance are usually listed as two separate amounts. For example, the core coverage will cost $300 and includes cancellation, photographs, gifts, special attire, jewelry and lost deposits. However if you would like to have Liability & Property Damage insurance, which covers personal injury to you and your guests, this may cost approximately $165 more, bringing your total to $465.

What does it cover?

A typical standard wedding insurance package with cover your site, weather issues, vendor no-shows, family sickness or injury and military/job issues.

What does it NOT cover?

Change of heart! So don’t leave your hunny at the alter and expect to get your money back!

It also does not cover most jewelry, watches, pearls and precious gemstones. Engagement rings may not be part of the basic coverage plan but your wedding bands are.

Additional Coverage includes?

If you decide to supe up your wedding insurance package to get some of the finer things covered, these would include photographer/videographer costs, gifts, attire, personal liability, medical coverage (check your monetary limits on these) and honeymoon.

So there you have it! If you’re spending anywhere over $50,000 on your wedding, I definitely think it is worth while to investigate your options with insurance. It’s a big investment to throw a large wedding and it would be horrible for something as silly as a wedding cake no-show, freak snow storm or a bankruptcy to ruin your very special day.

If you have any other questions on this, or would like help doing some additional research, please feel free to reach out.

Thanks for reading!